What to Do When You Suspect That You Need Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are small reddish-brown bugs about a quarter of an inch long. They do not fly or jump but can run quickly. They do not move very much during the day but will come out at night. You will often find bed bugs on box springs, mattresses, headboards, and sheets. If you suspect that you have bed bugs, it is imperative that you call the professionals for bed bug treatment. There are many DIY ways for bed bug treatment, but none of them are guaranteed and can end up costing you a lot in your time and finances. When you suspect that you have bed bugs, we recommend that you follow the steps bellow:

1.  Call a Professional – The first thing you will want to do is call a professional who offers bed bug treatment. Getting the professional to your home as soon as possible will play a huge roll in how quickly you will be bed-bug free.

2.  Clutter – Clutter and things under the bed, around the bed or even in the room where a bed bug treatment is to take place is the worst thing to have. Bed bugs love to hid in and on things. If the room is filled with clutter, the bed bug treatment will be less effective.

3.  Laundry – Putting your clothes and bedding in the laundry on the hot cycle will kill the bed bugs. Bed bugs and eggs will die in 120 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Regularly washing your bedding will also help to prevent needing a future bed treatment after this treatment is finished.

4.  Don’t Change – It is best to not change where you sleep once you suspect that you have bed bugs. It is tempting to relocate to another bed or area of the house, but bed bugs may hitch a ride to where you are now sleeping. This can cause a larger area of your home to need bed bug treatment.

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