What Are the Most Effective Rodent Control Methods?


Although having a rodent infestation is unpleasant, several rodent control methods will solve your problem quickly and safely. Even if you haven’t seen a mouse or other rodent, you may have seen signs of a problem, including:

  • Rodent droppings in cupboards
  • Hearing gnawing sounds or scampering in the walls
  • Marks on food packages
  • Smelling a foul odor in your home with no other known source

At Canady’s Termite & Pest Control, we offer rodent control plans customized to your situation. Here are a few effective rodent control options, but we believe that calling a professional is always the best option.


Capturing rodents in small wooden or plastic boxes effectively kills rats and mice. You can reuse the trap if you don’t mind disposing of a dead mouse. Live traps trap a rodent but do not kill it. You would have to inspect traps frequently and then figure out what to do with the rodent. Glue traps are not recommended. Place traps where the rodents live and eat. This location may not be evident to you, but our experienced and well-trained technicians can find and eradicate the pests.


The exclusion method means you prevent rodents from accessing your home by sealing up potential entry points. Areas to look at are plumbing and roof vents, bathroom exhaust vents, and cracks in walls, siding, and foundations.

If you suspect your home needs rodent control services, call us to discuss your situation.

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