What to Expect During a Mosquito Control Treatment

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Mosquitoes are annoying, frustrating and can ruin your time spent outside. No one wants to be swatting at annoying mosquitoes while they are relaxing, playing or working outside in their yard. If you are fed up with bug spray, itchy bug bites, and annoying buzzing, then we recommend calling us at Canady’s Termite & Pest Control to set up a mosquito control treatment. There are three main steps in our mosquito control treatment plan.

  • Step 1: Assessment – Before we begin, we will do a complete inspection of the area around your home or business. Our trained and experienced technicians know where mosquitoes like to hide and live. They will look over the entire area and then discuss with you what they think is the best mosquito control plan.
  • Step 2: Treatment – The most common mosquito control treatment is a mist treatment. A light mist of insecticide will be sprayed on all areas that were identified during the assessment step. All bushes, low hanging trees, shady areas, flowerbeds, and any other problem area will be misted. Mosquitoes love shaded and moist places. Our emphasis will be on these locations. No need to worry about harming your kids or pets. This treatment is safe for both.

It is unlikely that we will be able to get rid of every single mosquito, but we can sure help eliminate most of them to give you back your yard for your enjoyment. Give us a call today to schedule your mosquito control treatment so that you can spend your days and evenings outside enjoying the outdoors.

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