The Most Effective Forms of Mosquito Control


Do you hear a constant buzzing sound when you’re in your yard? Have you been getting bitten a lot recently? Have you seen mosquitos in the shaded areas around your home? If you’ve noticed these signs, chances are you might have a mosquito problem around your home or property.

A mosquito problem can be a big pain to deal with, so if you’re tired of the mosquitos around your property, here are some of the most effective forms of mosquito control to get rid of these pests:

  • Regularly change out the standing water around your property. Your pet’s water dish can attract mosquitos if you leave standing water in there for too long. Making sure to switch out this water as well as other sources of standing water is one of the best practices for mosquito control.
  • Keep your landscape looking its best. When not taken care of, your yard can be a prime breeding ground for mosquitos and other pests, especially when your grass gets too tall. To limit mosquito breeding, make sure to regularly take care of your yard and landscape.
  • Place cedar mulch around your property. Mosquitos hate cedar. Cedar mulch is a natural mosquito repellent, so consider putting some down as part of your landscaping.
  • Call us here at Canady’s Termite & Pest Control. Professional pest control specialists are your best bet for effective mosquito control. With years of experience and the right pest control license, our professional exterminators can take care of the mosquitos and other pests around your property properly.
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