Why Cockroach Control Matters for Your Health

Cockroach control

Cockroaches are the last thing you want to see scurrying around in your home. They’re dirty, creepy, smelly, and downright unsettling. The fear and disgust they cause is reason enough to want them gone, but did you know that cockroaches can affect your health?

  • Trigger Asthma and Allergies. If you thought cockroaches couldn’t be any grosser, they can. When they shed debris like old shells and leave behind fecal matter or saliva, the particles contaminate the air. This aggravates asthma in people who are sensitive to cockroaches. In a 2015 study, scientists even found evidence to suggest that cockroach allergens can worsen asthma in people who are “not sensitized to cockroaches.”
  • Spread Diseases. Typically, cockroaches don’t transmit diseases to humans directly, but they can carry pathogens. The World Health Organization reports that cockroaches are thought to be carriers of microorganisms that cause diarrhea and many more unpleasant diseases. This comes as no surprise since cockroaches visit sewers and other unsanitary locations.
  • Linked to Poor Mental Health. One aspect of your health that shouldn’t go ignored is your mental health. A 2018 study found that there are associations between living in cockroach-infested housing and depressive symptoms. It’s understandable that the presence of cockroaches could have negative psychological effects on people. It is distressing to live with vermin, and that’s why cockroach control is so important.

If you’re in need of cockroach control, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today at Canady’s Termite & Pest Control to get a free quote, schedule an appointment, or ask questions about our cockroach control services.

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