Effective Strategies for Keeping Ticks Out of Your Yard and Off Your Pets [infographic]


Ticks are a major nuisance, and they carry diseases that can harm both pets and people. To protect your pets and yourself from ticks, the first thing you need to do is take steps to keep them out of your yard. The following tips can help you prevent ticks from getting too comfortable outside in your backyard:

  • Remove leaf piles—Ticks (and other pests) like to gather in leaf piles. Consistently rake up and remove leaves from your yard.
  • Mow your lawn—Make mowing your lawn an every-weekend chore instead of waiting until your grass reaches incredible heights to mow.
  • Clear away brush—Get rid of any brush and tall grasses that start to grow around the edge of your home and the edges of your lawn.

  • Keep unwelcome animals out—Put up a fence or another type of barrier to keep deer, racoons, and stray dogs from coming into your yard.
  • Remove trash—Throw away old mattresses, furniture, or trash sitting in your yard that could give ticks a place to hide.
  • Put playground equipment in the right place—Install decks, patios, and playground equipment in the middle of your yard area, instead of near trees and yard edges.
  • Apply pesticides—Use pesticides to reduce the tick population in your yard. Our pest control company can apply the right pesticides to the right places to keep ticks under control.
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