7 Things You Can Do to Get Your Rodent Problem Under Control [infographic]

Rodent control

There’s nothing worse than having mice and rats scurrying around your home. Stop the infestation from getting out of hand by trying out these rodent control tactics.

1. Eliminate Entry Points—Stop mice, rats, and other rodents from getting into your house in the first place. Seal cracks in your foundation as well as any openings in your walls and window seals.

2. Set Up Traps—Do not underestimate the extent of your rodent infestation and use plenty of traps throughout your house. You should also use several types of traps to vary and strengthen your approach.

3. Choose the Right Bait—You can use whatever food the rodents have already been eating in your home as bait. But you may also want to try laying out oatmeal, bacon, peanut butter, or dried fruit.

4. Place the Traps Strategically—Put all of your traps perpendicular to your walls, so that the trigger section faces the baseboard. This will require the rodents to run right into the bait as they naturally scurry along your walls.

5. Make Good Sanitation a Priority—A few crumbs throughout the day are all a rodent needs to keep surviving. Regularly eliminate residue from your counters, vacuum frequently, and store food in airtight containers.

6. Take Care of Your Yard—Remove any debris outside around your home where rodents can hide. Destroy burrows and nesting areas as you see them and keep weeds in your yard to a minimum.

7. Work with a Rodent Control Pro—It’s hard to completely get rid of rodents once you have them. Partner with our pest control team to implement an effective rodent control plan for your home.

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