Keep Bees Away from Your House with These Preventative Steps [infographic]


You want to enjoy your backyard, but that’s hard to do when bees are constantly swarming, nesting, and buzzing around your outdoor living space. Keep bees away and avoid painful stings with these ideas for preventing a bee infestation:

  • Pick the right flowers—You don’t have to get rid of the flowers in your yard completely but keep them away from spots bees would be enticed to nest. Bees are also drawn to flowers like honeysuckles, poppies, clovers, and anything that’s a bright color.
  • Keep food out of your yard—Wasps love human food, so if you see something black and yellow buzzing around your trashcan or the food at your barbecue, it’s more than likely a wasp. Keep wasps away by throwing trash away into a sealed container as fast as possible and sealing any food left outside for more than a few minutes.

  • Cover and seal outdoor items—Tree houses, sheds, and grills make great spots for bees to invade and nest. If possible, seal any outdoor items and keep the number of things you keep outside to a minimum.
  • Patch up holes quickly—Even a small hole in your home’s exterior, such as a broken window frame or a gap in some venting, is the perfect place for a bee infestation. Check your home’s exterior often for small spaces where bees could make their home.
  • Call a pest control pro—If you’re dealing with a bee problem, you need professional help. Call us right away if you think there’s a nest somewhere on your property.
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