Why You Need Flea Control Services Even if You Don’t Have a Pet


Our team at Canady’s Termite & Pest Control is committed to helping all of our customers deal with every type of pest, including rodents, roaches, and even fleas. When it comes to fleas, many people are under the impression that these insects can only invade your home via passage on a furry pet, but this is not the case. In reality, fleas can just as easily hitch a ride on humans and their clothing or other gear, which makes flea control services necessary whether you have a pet or not. In this article, we’ll expand on the negative effects fleas can have on you and your family in order to show you why we encourage you to invest in professional flea control services.

Fleas 101

First, we want you to know some key facts about fleas. These insects feed on the blood of their hosts, and that host can be just about any creature, from a cat or dog, to other mammals, and even to birds or reptiles. Fleas can also go for over 100 days between feedings, so once these nasty critters have entered your home, they are likely to persist for a long time unless you get professional intervention.

Effects of Flea Bites

While flea bites do not pose an immediate health risk to humans, they do cause persistent itching that will likely make you extremely uncomfortable. On top of that, scratching at their bites increases your risk of infection, as you’ll be reopening the bite wounds and exposing them to harmful bacteria. Additionally, fleas can exacerbate respiratory illnesses, making them a problem for anyone dealing with chronic conditions like asthma or recovering from a respiratory virus of any kind. Because of all these factors, we highly recommend getting professional flea control services as soon as possible should you find any fleas in your home.

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