Things You Should Know About Crawlspace Care


There is a list of things in your home that need to be maintained, and a crawlspace, surprisingly, should be on that list. Crawlspace care plays an important part in your home’s functionality. Here are a few things you should know about crawlspace care.

Moisture Control. Making sure your crawlspace is nice and dry is important. Moisture in your crawlspace can cause structural damage to your home and lead to mold buildup. A lot of the air in your home comes from your crawlspace, so if you have mold down there, you will have mold floating in the air of your home. This can cause allergies and unhealthy air. A moist crawlspace can also invite unwanted pests into your home. Moisture control should be one of your first priorities when caring for your crawlspace.
Crawlspace Insulation. If your crawlspace isn’t insulated, heat and cold air can escape through your floor and change the temperature really quickly in your home. Without an insulated crawlspace, your home is also less energy efficient. By insulating your crawlspace, you are ensuring a maintained temperature throughout your home and saving money on your electric bill.
Avoiding Pests. You want to make sure your crawlspace is not susceptible to pests. Reducing the moisture in your crawlspace definitely helps, but you also want to make sure that any holes and cracks in the wall of your crawlspace are patched up to keep pests out.

Crawlspace care is important for your home to operate safely and effectively. Make sure to inspect your crawlspace and see if these three things are taken care of. If they are not, give us a call at Canady’s Termite & Pest Control and we will help you get started on your crawlspace care.

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