9 Tips to Prevent Cockroach Invasions in Your Home [infographic]

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You love the air-conditioned comfort of the indoors, and unfortunately, so do cockroaches. Keep these creepie crawlies from skittering across your floors and making a home for themselves in your house with these nine prevention tips.

1. Keep things clean—The best way to prevent cockroaches is to keep your home clean.

2. Focus on your kitchen—Wipe up spilled food, sweep up crumbs, put food away when you are done with it, and wash dirty dishes every day.

3. Limit where you eat—Crumbs and spills in other rooms provide additional sources of food for hungry cockroaches.

4. Keep your food in sealed containers—Cockroaches have the strength to lift the side of carboard food boxes, so keep all your food in sealed containers.

5. Empty your trash—Take out your trash every night and make sure your receptacle has a tight-fitting lid.

6. Keep crumbs off your kitchen floor—Vacuuming or sweeping your kitchen floor every night eliminates a desirable food source for cockroaches.

7. Remove shelter building materials—Make an effort to get rid of scraps and other materials cockroaches can use for shelter, like paper and cardboard.

8. Eliminate entry points—Seal any cracks and crevices around your home and make sure all your doors and windows are secure.

9. Work with a pest control professional—If you think roaches are starting to invade, call our pest control company right away for help.

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