3 Key Steps for Crawlspace Care


At Canady’s Termite & Pest Control, we specialize in helping you keep your home free of damaging insects and other pests. One of the ways that you can protect your home from these nuisances is to keep your crawlspace in good repair, as this will help prevent moisture problems that can encourage infestations. In this article, we’ll go over three key steps for effective crawlspace care so that you can keep pests out of your home.

  1. Sealing- One essential step for crawlspace care is to seal any gaps in the exterior. This helps prevent pests from getting into this area, as well as keeping them out of your home itself. The crawlspace is a common entry point for roaches and mice, so this is an effective step to take to deal with those critters in particular.
  2. Encapsulation- Another step you can take in crawlspace care is encapsulation. Essentially, the encapsulation process creates an impermeable protective layer all around your crawlspace, sealing any gaps to prevent water and moist air from getting into this area. Encapsulation goes a step further than just sealing one or two cracks, and it can also involve making changes to your landscaping and gutters to keep water from getting close to your crawlspace in the first place.
  3. Dehumidification- Lastly, crawlspace care sometimes involves using a commercial dehumidifier as another way to prevent moisture buildup. As the name suggests, a dehumidifier will eliminate moisture droplets in the air, preventing that moisture from soaking into your foundations and causing problems such as rot or mold growth. This will also help prevent new gaps from forming, thus preventing more pests from getting inside your home and giving you greater peace of mind.
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