Why You Should Consider Getting Rodent Control


Don’t you just love it when mice run across your countertops? No? We didn’t think so. A rodent infestation is one of the worst to have. Rodents, like mice and rats, can invade your home and space and make your life uncomfortable. If you have a rodent problem, here are a few reasons why you should consider getting rodent control.

  • Rodents Carry Diseases. Rats and mice can carry and transmit some serious diseases. Even if you do not have direct contact with them, their droppings can put you and your pets at risk to catch whatever they are carrying. Rodent control will rid you of your rodent problem, therefore eliminating any risk of disease and illness.
  • Damage to Your Home. Rats and mice chew constantly. They will chew on pretty much anything and everything and can ruin electrical wiring, furniture, walls, food, and much more. This can cause a lot of damage to your home and if they were to get to your electrical wires, they could potentially start an electrical fire. Getting rodent control will help keep your house intact and help you avoid having to spend a lot of money on property damage.
  • Lots of Breeding. Rats and mice can create nests in any area they find hospitable. This could be your walls, crawlspace, attic, air ducts, etc. They can settle down anywhere and things can get out of hand fast. Rats and mice breed like crazy and getting rid of a big infestation can be fairly difficult, but not impossible. Getting rodent control early on can help you avoid a big infestation. If you are already at that point, call and get rodent control as soon as possible before it gets even more out of hand.

Rodents can cause so many problems and make life uncomfortable. If you are ready for your home to be rodent free, give us a call at Canady’s Termite & Pest Control today.

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