Tick Control Tips for Your Home and Yard


Ticks are an unfortunate reality of living in North Carolina. They are especially difficult to detect and treat because they are so small. There are a few tick control tips we recommend remembering when trying to prevent ticks from entering your home and yard.

Tick Control Tips for Your Home and Yard

  • Vegetation – Ticks love to hide in tall grass and bushes. Keeping the vegetation on your property trimmed and clean will help keep ticks away from your home, family and pets.
  • Tick check – Checking for ticks on you, your family and pets every time they are outside will help to keep ticks out of your home.
  • Rodent prevention – Ticks love to find a home on rodents. It is common to get a tick infestation from rodents bringing them into your home and yard. Working to prevent rodents from coming onto your property will help prevent ticks from entering as well.
  • Barriers – Creating a barrier around your property will help prevent ticks from entering. Make a two- to three-foot wide rock or wood chip barrier around your yard. A fence can help to prevent animals from entering your yard that could be carrying ticks.
  • Remove debris – Any debris, woodpiles, or construction materials can create a good hiding place for ticks. Keep your property free from unnecessary debris to help cut down on the places that ticks can hide.

Even after following all of these tips, ticks can still find a way to enter your property and home. If you find that your yard, home, family or pets have ticks on them, we highly recommend giving us a call for professional tick control.

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