What to Expect from Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bug control

For a few decades in the mid-twentieth century, it looked like bed bugs might be a thing of the past. This was due to a high saturation of chemicals in households of the time that prevented bedbugs from settling in. Over time, scientists realized that many of those treatments were also harmful to humans, and manufacturers scaled back their use, but this had the unfortunate side-effect of allowing bedbugs to creep back into households. However, if your home has developed a bed bug problem, don’t panic. Our team at Canady’s Termite & Pest Control offers effective bed bug treatment, and in this article, we’ll tell you more about what you can expect from the process.

  • Inspection. The first step in our bed bug treatment services is inspection. Our team will thoroughly examine your home and furniture for signs of bedbug activity to determine the extent of the problem. This can also involve placing monitoring devices to provide more concrete evidence of how many bugs we’re dealing with.
  • Steaming. One common and effective method of bed bug treatment is steaming. Bed bugs are highly vulnerable to heat, so raising the temperature of the affected item or area is a good way to kill these pests. Another reason that we at Canady’s Termite & Pest Control use heat to treat bed bug infestations is that, unlike with pesticides, there’s no chance that bed bugs have developed a resistance to it.
  • Insecticides. Just because some colonies of bed bugs have become resistant to certain chemical treatments does not mean that insecticides have no place in effective treatment. Depending on the extent of your infestation, our team at Canady’s Termite & Pest Control may also employ various insecticides to assist with eliminating the pests or preventing them from returning.
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