Crawlspace Care: Causes and Signs of Crawl Space Moisture


Most homeowners don’t think about their crawlspace from day to day. We all know it is there, but few think about how important it is to the health and function of their homes. The crawlspace is a very important aspect of a home, and it is therefore important to think about and discuss proper crawlspace care. It is extremely important to routinely inspect your crawlspace for signs of moisture. Moisture in your crawlspace can have drastic and devastating consequences. Listed below are some of the top signs of crawlspace moisture:

  • Mold
  • Smells
  • Smelly and damp carpets
  • Hardwood floors start to buckle
  • Increase in energy bills

Crawlspace Care: Causes and Signs of Crawl Space Moisture

Crawlspace care should routinely occur throughout the year to catch early signs of moisture problems. If moisture problems are discovered early enough, then the cause of the moisture can be eliminated. Below are the common causes of moisture in crawlspaces.

  • Leaks in plumbing – The water from a plumbing leak will seep into the dirt of the crawlspace, which will then evaporate, and the water droplets will move up towards the floor of your home.
  • Exterior air – Air from the outside can enter your home through open vents. The humidity of the air can cause moisture problems.
  • Groundwater – Groundwater can seep into the dirt floor of your crawlspace and cause moisture issues.

Here at Canady’s Termite & Pest Control, we understand how important crawlspace care is and how much damage moisture in your crawlspace can cause. If you find any signs of moisture in your crawlspace, we recommend giving us a call to discuss the next steps in keeping your crawlspace dry and functioning properly.

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